Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finally, A Weiner Story

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After getting some feedback from some readers of this blog, I have decided to break my silence on this Weiner/Twitter issue.  If you haven't heard, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has been caught in a lie about his involvement with a few, 6, women via the online messaging service Twitter.  After about 10 days of providing some misleading information, Weiner eventually came clean and said that he had in fact sent the pictures of himself, and his body, to a few women in the past, most recently to a woman in Washington state.  Here are the pictures we know of so far:

Courtesy ethicalfailures


Here's the interesting part of this whole story, in my opinion.  Rep. Weiner is a very loud voice when it comes to debating the issues he believes in.  He stands up for what is right.  He is a YouTube star, for speeches like this on health care:

What it comes down to is this.  Did Weiner break any laws?  As far as we know, the women he was conversing with are all of legal age, and were acting as consensual adults.  He hasn't used any campaign money to cover anything up, such as John Ensign or John Edwards.  What he did was morally wrong, not illegal.  Some Democrats have called for an investigation, which I am in favor of, but if the findings come back showing no laws were broken, I see no reason to ask for Weiner's resignation. 

Here is what I do have a problem with.  The blogger who broke this story is Andrew Breitbart.
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Breitbart is a ultra right-wing conservative blogger, who is no stranger to controversy.  He is responsible for posting the video that got Shirley Sherrod fired from the US Department of Agriculture for posting a clip of a speech she gave, that was taken out of context.  When all the dust settled, Sherrod was offered her job back.  Breitbart also was part of homophobic and racial slurs at a 2010 Tea Party convention.  Breitbart has said that he is keeping some more pictures as "insurance" in case Weiner doesn't cooperate.  That sounds like blackmail to me, and that is something I am totally against.

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