Friday, May 27, 2011

Technically, The USA Should Be Out of Lybia Right Now


Friday marked the 60th day of US involvement in the conflict in Libya.  During the first week of this conflict, President Obama said "it will be a matter of days", in regard to the length of time the US will be involved.  Friday marks the 60th day of US involvement, and that is an important number, because as specifically laid out in the United States Constitution, in the War Powers Resolution, which was passed into law on November 7, 1973, if a conflict is ongoing for more than 60 days without the approval of Congress, it must cease at the 60th day. 


Here is a little history about the War Powers Resolution.  It was in response to the huge opposition of the American people to the Vietnam War.  It is to prevent a sitting president from having too much authority to declare war.  It was passed by the House on July 18, 1973, and by the Senate on July 20 of that same year.  When it got to President Richard Nixon's desk, he vetoed it on October 24, 1973, but was then overridden by the House and Senate on November 7th. 

For those of you who watch any cable news as much as I do, you've probably noticed that there is little, if any talk about this conflict coming to an end.  It is expressly stated in the Constitution of this United States of America that any involvement of the US must cease at the 60th day.  The President says this doesn't apply, because the power was handed over to the UN.

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