Monday, May 23, 2011

TEA Party Prohibits Press From Covering Event In Michigan

Continuing the ongoing trend, an event in Grand Rapids, Michigan had hundreds of people show up voicing disapproval with the Paul Ryan GOP budget.  The new budget proposal would effectively end Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher program.  This particular event was at Calvin College in Grand Rapids.  The event was publicized as a town hall meeting, but when many seniors arrived, they were turned away at the door, the organizers claiming the event was a private meeting. 

In the last week, the GOP has been prohibiting press from covering the events, in hopes the public backlash wouldn't be captured on video camera, and later shown to the rest of the world.  These signs have been posted on the doors of some TEA party meetings recently:

The video clip to the left shows the security a the event talking to the press.  The officer said he was called because of reports of objects being thrown at the organizers.  The officers were called back after the event, for reports of the press causing security issues.


  1. The unions did the same thing when Obama spoke. Your bias articles are ridiculous!

  2. First off, anonymous, I never said anything about Obama, or the unions. I just stated what happened in Michigan. Secondly, expound on this claim about the unions. I'd honestly like to read more about it

  3. How do you expound? I was explaining that Obama was the keynote speaker at a union event.
    your mediscsre tactics are baseless.
    Please provide a source for your false accusations in your article.

  4. The source is the the video, and the pictures. They are the pudding in which the proof lies.