Monday, May 9, 2011

More People Equals More Taxes Collected, Right?

In the never-ending debate between Republicans and Democrats in today's society, one of the most highly contested topics is immigration.  The conservative base wants to crack down on the people that are living in the US that got here illegally, and the progressives want to create some form of amnesty for those here, and then reform the system so that they can continue to immigrate here from abroad, (even though is almost exclusively regarding Mexico.

At the same time, there is a debate raging in Washington about how to quell the debt crisis the US is facing, the largest it has ever been.  Republicans want to cut programs they deem unnecessary, while many Dems think that ending the tax breaks for prospering corporations and individuals would reduce the debt gap over the next decade.

There are between 7M and 20M illegal immigrants living in the US today.  At the same time, the US allows more legal immigration than all other countries of the world combined, with the largest influx of people coming from Mexico and the Philippines
Photo Courtesy Wikimedia
Here is a simple way to fix this situation, and make it appealing to both sides of the political aisle.  If the illegal immigrants that are already living here are allowed to stay, that creates between 7 and 20 million more people paying taxes.  Taxes on income, purchases, etc.  Don't misunderstand me, I'm not a fan of opening the flood gates, which reminds me of the opening scene from the move Scarface, but I am in favor of creating a system, or overhauling the system that is currently in place, to allow people to immigrate to the US.  Think of this; how bad must it be where they are coming from, that it makes them want to leave their family, their job, everything they've ever known, to come to a foreign country, where they don't know the language or culture to take a chance that it is better?  I don't think many Americans can even comprehend this idea, that it is so bad in their homeland, that they are willing to give up everything, everything they have ever known, to come to America, to work on a farm, or in a factory to support their families.

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  1. i love the proposal. would like to hear you touch on how this would impact the job market.