Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is "An Eye For An Eye" Really The Right Thing To Do?

After a day of work, an Iranian woman, Ameneh Bahrami came home to a man with whom she decided she did not want to marry.  That man, Majid Movahedi, then took sulfuric acid and poured it on the face of the woman who just turned down his hand in marriage.  This is what she looked like prior to the attack in 2004.
Courtesy picsaweb
After Majid Movahedi threw acid on her face, and after several unsuccessful operation trying to restructure her face, she now looks like this.
According to Sharia law, which has jurisdiction over this case, since it occurred in Iran, the "eye for an eye" principle can be put into effect.  Meaning simply, she (Bahrami) can do exactly to him (Movahedi) what he did to her.  This is the ruling the court made.  Bahrami's lawyer said Saturday that she would drop acid in both eyes, after he is rendered unconscious at a hospital in Tehran, Iran, the Guardian reports. 

Iranian officials even support the decision of the court, in an effort to curb the increase in acid attacks.  Human rights groups from all over the world, and even the British government have asked that Bahrami pardon her attacker, but she has refused.  "They are pressuring me to pardon him", she said, "but I won't do that".


  1. Ewww...That's a tough one. She's going to do this to Him but He gets to be unconscious? Was She afforded the same from Him?

  2. It's easy for someone on the outside in say that it shouldn't be allowed, but if the crime had happened to you or a loved one, I'm sure you would have a different opinion.