Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

OK everyone, I finally got it together enough to get this blog up and running.  In this first entry, I'm just going to explain a little of what I plan to do in the future. 

In this blog, I'm going to be talking about newsworthy topics, whether it be politics, music, lifestyle, a review of a piece of technology, whatever.  I'm going to try to put a comment section below every entry I make, because I really want to get a discussion going around the topics involved. 

Sometimes I'll add a few posts a day, sometimes I'll go a day or two without a new post.  But I'll try as I might to keep the content as current as I can. 

Finally, if you like what you see and read, I ask that you help spread the word about by telling your friends, family, co-workers, and whoever else you think might enjoy reading this blog.


  1. This is a test comment to see how it looks. Feel free to subscribe and comment about anything any time!

  2. I look forward to your posts. Thank you for the invite.
    Jill Roberson

  3. It'll be interesting to find out what's bouncing around in that head of yours! Happy typing!

  4. Nick Mitseff Rules

  5. You could write a story about how I destroy you at Words with Friends.